Mercy's Quest

“He who is in possession of such sacred secrets controls the earth. We gather under the forces of the Universe with reverence to the evolution of soul. It is in this hour we offer our sacrifice.”

Mercy Stone comes from a long line of Blood Moon witches and, as such, is no stranger to coexisting alongside life’s great mysteries. However, nothing could prepare her for the journey that awaits her following a fateful encounter with an enigmatic White Crow.

Haunted by visions of a past life and the discovery of a gruesome family talisman, Mercy is led away from the hollows of Appalachia to New Orleans in search of answers. What she finds instead is a group of hermetic elites consumed by their lust for power, and they’re standing in the way of her divine quest for Truth.

But Mercy is not alone. Along her path, Mercy re-encounters the magical beings she has known across her many lifetimes since time immemorial, including King Solomon, the Battle Crows of Carpathia and the Devil himself. In a battle for her soul, and the soul of humanity, Mercy must call upon the greatest powers in existence, decide who she can trust, and travel to the furthest ends of the cosmos. Even then, it will not be enough.

Then, she must make it back.

“Will Mercy escape impending doom?”


Volume I: The Return

"Humans. We are all conditioned to think we come to earth to learn to be better, only to return to some origins rooted to a belief system that never stopped evolving. You cannot chase the meaning of a story that never ends.” – Mercy

“….. for as long as you entertain the emotional ties to humanity, your vulnerability will stand in front of your divinity. You will always have to fight through a shadow to get to your power.” -Lucifer

“I can’t rush your return to self. I can guide, but only you can navigate this discovery, ripping the veil one stitch at a time.” - Ash

”There’s something to be said for the strange feeling of returning home when life, for such a long time, has had its way with you. It’s even more grounding when the home you return to reminds you of the heaviness you previously survived. Perspective is a special magic on its own. I may not remember my life here, but I belong here.” - Mercy
“The greatest monsters in life are ones driven by power created from a shadow with no connection to the majesty of surrendering to inner divinity. They spend so much time taking it from others they forget their own, becoming void of life.” – Harbinger of Fortune

“After all this time alone, I thought peace in solitude made me free. To a degree, navigating the alone does make us free when managed consciously. However, Vincent taught me that the influence of everyone’s alone deserves an audience. Freedom needs a space to react to and from, to remember who it is inside of us.” - Hagan

“Death has this way of shutting us down for a moment. However, the poetic intention of death is to motivate life, not suspend it.” - Max

“You are speaking about power that exists in treasures, knowledge, or acknowledgments. True power isn’t what you think or own. True power lies in what your heart decides to act on, inner mastery rooted in self-love and giving.” – Mercy
“Be open to a past beyond your knowing and a future beyond your imagination.” – Edna

“Fear and resistance to the pull of destiny only creates a longer road and unnecessary pain. I decided I would remain as open as I could to the growing strangeness around and changes within.” - Mercy

“The people who need your knowing will find you.” – Mim

“Blood holds the essence of all our deepest truths.” – Edna

“When fear steals your breath and darkness fills your sight, surrender to your shift, find safety in the flight of night.” – Nyx

“There are some humans who resist life for so long that they become detached to any familiarity of surrender and its promise of peace. They grow cold, creating an energy birthed from resisting.” – Harbinger of Fortune

East S.M.

Appalachian Occultist, Diviner, educator, artist, performer, & author

A cosmic being in her own right, East S. M. was born in a small Kentucky town that sits inside a meteorite crater. A wild past of wonderful and sometimes unspeakable experiences, and decades of empowering others to seek their own quests, has called East to share Mercy's story in the esoteric genre of Occult fiction. Her debut novel is the first in an anthology that reimagines the Spirit world, the human condition, and the necessity of both evolution and devolution within our lifetimes.

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